New Covenant Ministries International is a trans-local (or apostolic/prophetic, Ephesians 4) team that has the following vision statement:

“To disciple the nations by planting New Testament churches in every village, town, city and country that God calls us to, either by prophetic words or doors of opportunity He opens to us.”

NCMI is a trans-local team of men and women who share a common vision, are motivated by a love for Jesus Christ, and a desire to “speed His coming”, and who are working together around the world to help create an administration suitable for the Kingdom!

NCMI began in South Africa during the 1980s when Dudley Daniel began to meet with other pastors in Johannesburg, and this developed into a team of men who invested into other churches across the country.


NCMI is a team that exists to help build local churches and to equip and mobilize believers for the fulfilment of the work of the Kingdom – the discipling of the nations. What NCMI is not is a denomination – churches relate to NCMI for guidance, support and accountability, but NCMI is not an organization or grouping of churches. NCMI is simply a team of individuals who are committed to the advance of the Kingdom of God.


Although NCMI has its roots in South Africa, it now works into over 80 countries around the world, with many churches voluntarily linking themselves to the trans-local teams.


Visit the NCMI website to find out more about NCMI. You can also watch videos from NCMI conferences on the website.